About us

Children who have been in the Netherlands for less than a year usually do not speak enough Dutch to attend a regular primary school. The SchOOL Foundation (Public Education School Group in Lelystad) has taken the initiative to provide additional support to these 'newcomers' in groups 3 to 8 of primary school in the form of a Language Class.

With an intensive program and in small groups in a safe and structured learning environment, there is individual attention for the Dutch language in all its facets. Within a year, children can develop in such a way that they can participate in Dutch society and regular education. Of course, cooperation with parents is indispensable in this.


De Taalklas Lelystad can be reached on Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.

Tel: 0320-341012
Email: taalklas@stichtingschool.nl

 Our address: 't Kofschip 1, 8223 EZ Lelystad